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"I know the feeling of living in fear of my pain and losing the freedom to do whatever I want in life”

- Craig Stolz


“I know the feeling of living in fear of my pain and losing the freedom to do whatever I want in life” (Craig Stolz).  At 28 years young, Craig would start an 8-year journey, exploring every possible path to gain control and understanding of his sudden and debilitating back pain. Multiple doctor visits, prescription drugs, two bouts of physical therapy, an MRI, and a surgery recommendation later, Craig was brimming with frustration, left with a diagnosis of a herniated disk and no relief.  As time went on, pain flare-ups became more frequent and more intrusive to his day-to-day activities.

As a trainer working with clients to regain their strength and function after injury, he felt like a fraud - as though he were hiding a secret, trying to mask his own horrible pain and dysfunction. Craig graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology. He knew his craft inside and out. He knew the intricacies of the body, the muscular system and how to train for proper function. He knew all the “right” things to do, except they weren’t working for him. 

Craig was then introduced to a widely unknown technique called Muscle Activation ( M.A.T.). With his back pain still severely limiting his physical capability,  he jumped at the opportunity to give it a try. After one session, Craig remembers saying, “I don’t know what you just did, but I can tell something has changed”.  It wasn’t an overnight fix, but with continued sessions coupled with exercise homework, his back pain was resolved. Craig states, “I no longer have back pain. Back pain doesn’t limit me. It doesn’t define me. This is why I had to learn this technique…why I am so passionate about it. And this is how I want to help people get better.”

Craig is now a Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist and a Medical Exercise Specialist. He has over 30 years of experience working with injuries ranging from joint pain to paralysis. He has worked alongside doctors, surgeons, physical therapists and chiropractors to further his knowledge of managing and implementing injury rehabilitation programs. 


Craig’s local Columbus, Ohio business was born from his passion for restoring correct body function and his first-hand experience of being left with no options after the typical medical/therapy model was ineffective in helping him. He is known as the Cbus Muscle Mechanic. He gives his clients the gift of seeing them not as a “pain”, but as individuals who deserve a personalized approach so they, like Craig, can regain the freedom to do whatever they want in life. 


You know what they say. Sometimes it's the average athlete that makes the best coach. 

Extra Credit Accolades:

-  Best defensive player on his grade school soccer team

- Determined, hardworking High School third-string wide receiver

- Captain of the Louisiana State High School Cross Country Team Runner-up Champion 

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